Shiftware Vs. ShiftCare

Evaluating the Best Fit for Your Business!

Running a Disability Support and Care Services business can be both fulfilling and demanding. It involves a delicate balance between delivering top-notch care to participants, managing various administrative tasks, shift management, billings, and adhering to regulations, which can pose challenges. Finding a solution that streamlines operations and ensures consistent, reliable care is essential.

Fortunately, modern NDIS software offers a remedy for these challenges. It aids in shift scheduling, communication, record maintenance, billing and payroll management, and more.

Plenty of NDIS software is available, but you need to be watchful while opting for the suitable one for yourself. While ShiftCare is a widely recognized care management software, it may not be a perfect fit for every business or at least for individuals in the disability healthcare industry. Here we’ll examine Shiftware, the best NDIS software, referring to its features and pricing.

Why Shiftware?

Support providers, care agencies, and caregivers need NDIS software to help them provide personalized care services with more control over their schedules. ShiftCare offers advanced rostering features but at higher costs. Shiftware on the other hand provides free services for up to 8 users making it budget-friendly for care agencies of all sizes and individual caregivers.

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How to Select the Best NDIS Software?

Selecting the best National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) software is crucial for organizations and service providers looking to efficiently manage and deliver disability services. Compare ShiftCare vs Shiftware’s basic plan to understand which is the best NDIS software for you that meets your objectives and client’s expectations.

Key Factors To Consider When Choosing NDIS Software


Evaluate the total cost of ownership, including licensing fees, implementation costs, and ongoing maintenance. Ensure that the software provides value for the investment and aligns with your budget constraints. Check whether the software is providing free services to the users or not. Also, consider the extent of features software is offering with its different plans and the number of users included with a single monthly plan.

Comprehensive Features

Ensure that the NDIS software offers a comprehensive set of features relevant to NDIS requirements, including client management, service planning, billing, reporting, and compliance tracking. The set of features impacts the overall shift management and the quality of care service as well as client experience.

Seamless Rostering

The NDIS rostering software should be able to provide seamless and effortless rostering services with efficient shift management, document management, care plan management, invoicing, and client-carer profile management compliant with NDIS.

User-Friendly Interface

Choose user-friendly software with an intuitive interface making it usable for all sorts of users irrespective of their technical proficiency. A well-designed interface simplifies navigation, reduces training time for staff, and enhances the overall user experience. Having a user-friendly interface increases the chances of getting more users as they will feel more comfortable with the usage and accessibility to all the features.

Customization and Flexibility

Opt for NDIS software that allows customization to adapt to the unique needs and workflows of your organization. The ability to configure forms, reports, shifts, documents, and workflows ensures that the NDIS software aligns with the specific requirements of your care agency and carers.

Compliance and Security

Ensure the NDIS software complies with NDIS regulations and standards. Security features, including data encryption, access controls, and compliance with data protection laws, are essential to safeguard sensitive client information.

Mobile App Accessibility

Check if the software offers mobile app accessibility, allowing staff to access and update information in the field. This is particularly important for service providers who work directly with clients outside of office settings. The mobile app accessibility eases the work for the caregivers on the field by getting regular updates about the shifts and other required notifications.

Reporting and Analytics

Look for NDIS software that provides accurate reporting and analytics capabilities. The ability to generate customized reports and analyze data trends is essential for monitoring performance, compliance, and client experience with your care services. Handy reports and analytics help support providers track the workflow, shift, and carer’s work.

What Is Shiftware?

Shiftware is a next-gen NDIS software tailored to create and manage shifts efficiently. It helps health service providers, carers, and support providers to grow their businesses and cater to clients with professionalism, high-standard care services, and less paperwork using the Shiftware App. 

All-in-one Solution Provider

Shiftware is an all-one solution provider for rostering facilitating coordination between clients, support providers, and remote workers. Shiftware facilitates seamless communication, shift management, accounting, and client as well as staff management. 

Shiftware helps manage the calendar along with the shifts in a simplified process and dashboard. It helps health service providers and carers avoid shift conflicts by simply tracking the integrated calendar and shifts.

Most Affordable NDIS Software

Shiftware offers free services for up to 8 users with accessibility to advanced care management features making it the most affordable NDIS software for NDIS support providers, care agencies, and carers.

If you are an individual carer or a mid-size care-providing agency with up to 8 staff members onboard you do not need to pay for the NDIS software to manage staff and deliver a higher standard of care. Also, Shiftware offers a basic plan priced at $4.99 per user per month with all sorts of powerful features.

Accurate and Effortless

Shiftware is the best NDIS software that helps carers and support providers track the shifts’ status. The service providers get notified automatically about the requirement raised by the client. The automated notifications help in avoiding double-shift assignments or missed shifts enhancing productivity and communication.

The users can also make updates, have client details, report the current status of tasks, and manage shifts of the care providers effortlessly. Apart from that, the users can also track the task’s progress and shift details to provide the best care services.

Deliver a Higher Standard of Care

Shiftware helps users deliver the best care services with its powerful rostering features for hassle-free shift management. The intuitive interface and advanced features to manage shifts, client profiles, carer profiles, documents, expenses, care plans, and state-wise calendars with automated notifications make it the best comprehensive NDIS software.

The NDIS Software helps you deliver personalized care to the clients referencing their likes, dislikes, and medical disability. You can easily manage and track care plans without any effort with detailed information about the total allocated budget, budget expiry date, care plan type, and NDIS info. 

What Is ShiftCare?

ShiftCare is an NDIS software tailored for aged care and disability service providers, catering to the needs of health professionals, plan managers, and support coordinators with a workforce ranging from 5 to 150 employees. ShiftCare offers an easy-to-use software platform that integrates care management, invoicing, rostering, and reporting into a unified interface with limited features in its basic plan.

The inclusion of a dedicated carer app and a portal for family and friends enhances user experience and engagement. With the incorporation of the NDIS price guide, funds management, and invoicing functionalities, ShiftCare helps users manage all their rostering requirements.

Additionally, ShiftCare facilitates compliance, progress notes, incident reports, and document expiry alerts contributing to maintaining requisite records for audits, and clock-in/clock-out features to ensure service delivery.

Pricing Plan: Shiftware Vs. ShiftCare

Shiftware ShiftCare
Basic Plan Basic Plan
Country Origin Australia Australia
Price $4.99 Per User Per Month $9 Per User Per Month
Free Forever Plan Upto 8 Users No
Free Trial No 7 Days
State-wise Calendar tick No
Self-onboarding tick tick
Advanced Staff Rostering tick No
App for Staff tick tick
Document Management tick tick
Claiming Open Shifts tick tick
Drop-off Address tick No

The pricing and plan are the important aspects that need to be considered while selecting a suitable NDIS software. ShiftCare users need to pay 9$ per user per month to avail the benefits of the features of its basic plan. The users have to pay 45$ per month even if only one user is using the software making the carers and support providers search for ShiftCare’s alternative.

This simply means whether you’re an individual care worker or part of a small agency with 2-3 members, the minimum fee remains consistent at the cost equivalent of 5 users, which comes to $45. This amount is mandatory and applicable to all, regardless of the number of users or size of the care team.

Contrarily, Shiftware offers free services for up to 8 users with accessibility to the advanced features required to manage shifts, documentation, care plans, client-carer profiles, and overall NDIS software for smooth staff management and delivering personalized care services to the clients.

Is ShiftCare Free?

ShiftCare does provide a free trial for 7 days. The users need to subscribe to a paid version of ShiftCare after the free trial. The basic plan for ShiftCare is priced at 49$ having limitations of 5 users that too with limited access to the features.

When comparing ShiftCare pricing to Shiftware pricing, users can access a broader range of features through the basic plan offered by Shiftware NDIS software. This empowers carers and support providers to deliver top-notch care services to individuals with disabilities in Australia.

ShiftCare offers a 7-day free trial, and following the trial period, users are required to pay a minimum of $45 for continued software usage. However, for individual caregivers or mid-sized care agencies with up to 8 users, Shiftware remains available for free forever.

Why Do People Need ShiftCare Alternative?

ShiftCare provides efficient rostering services to the users making available the required features for the support providers and carer. However, there are some issues faced by the ShiftCare users making them look for ShiftCare’s alternatives.

When we compare ShiftCare vs Shiftware, apart from the pricing and features included in the basic plan, we should also focus on the technical proficiency and user-friendliness of the NDIS software.

The reason for comparing ShiftCare vs Shiftware is to find and fill the gap to enhance the user experience and give people with disability in Australia access to better care services. Though ShiftCare provides effective rostering services to support providers and caregivers there are some issues faced by the users making them search for ShiftCare’s alternatives to experience the better NDIS software.

Why Choose Shiftware Over ShiftCare?

We are comparing Shiftware vs ShiftCare not to prove the upper hand of any software, but to make our support providers, caregivers, and health service providers understand how Shiftware can facilitate them in providing better care services to boost their business and client satisfaction.

The pricing plan of ShiftCare bothers individual carers, users, and care agencies with small staff. By comparing Shiftware vs ShiftCare, it reflected that even individual users are paying for the 5 users to the ShiftCare, i.e. 45$ per month. Because there is no plan for the individual users ShiftCare users have to pay for 5 users even if the number of users is less than 5.

Contrarily, Shiftware offers a free forever plan for up to 8 users without any limitation to feature accessibility. So, if you are an individual carer you can use it for FREE forever! Even if you are a small agency with up to 8 staff members you can still use it for free. If the number of users is more than 8, Shiftware charges only 4.99$ per month per user in its basic plan inclusive of advanced NDIS rostering features.

Apart from being budget-friendly referring to the pricing of the basic plans offered by Shiftware and ShiftCare, the list of features offered by Shiftware in its basic plan can help support providers and caregivers to manage shifts, rostering, clients, and staff more efficiently with little to no efforts.

State-wise calendars, care plan management, carer-client profile accessibility, client history, task tracking, advanced scheduling filters, documentation management, 24*7 support, and technically advanced software make Shiftware the future for healthcare professionals, support providers, and carers in Australia.

The Shiftware mobile app with powerful features empowers carers and support providers to grow their business, improve care service quality, and manage client relationships efficiently.

Shiftware comes with an intuitive interface and user-friendly navigation making it easily accessible for the admins, clients, and carers facilitating the users to explore all the features. Users can make the best use of Shiftware tailored to simplify the complex process of rostering.

How Can Shiftware Meet User’s Expectations?

Shiftware comprises advanced technical infrastructure to offer powerful features without any hindrance to the users. Shiftware is customizable NDIS software making it more user-friendly to meet unique business goals and objectives.

When comparing the features and pricing of the basic plans between Shiftware and ShiftCare, the advantages of utilizing Shiftware become clear to users.

The carers and support providers expect efficient management of clients, shifts, and caregiver staff to provide the best care services.

The Shiftware is designed to meet the requirements and expectations of support providers, healthcare professionals, and carers. The features are tailored predominantly to make the caregivers provide the best care services to the clients with NDIS compliance.

Which NDIS Software Is Best Suitable For You?

The selection of the NDIS software needs to be done considering several factors like the objectives, goals, and size of the care agency along with the list of features and pricing plan.

If you compare Shiftware vs ShiftCare, you’ll find both software capable of providing the best solution. However, users must differentiate in terms of technical advancements, features, and pricing plans that meet their budgets, expectations, and business goals.

Moreover, if you are an individual user and even you are a small care agency with up to 8 staff members then why pay when Shiftware is available for free? Give it a try and share your experience with us to make it the best NDIS software available in the market.

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