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Escalate Your Business With Seamless & Effortless Shift Management.

RotaWiz is an NDIS rostering software tailored to create and manage shifts efficiently. Grow your business, and cater to your clients with professionalism, high-standard care services, and less paperwork using the RotaWiz App.

Best Rostering Software

All-in-one Solution

RotaWiz is one of the best NDIS rostering software that helps in coordination between clients, support providers, and remote workers. It’s an all-in-one solution provider for communication, shift management, accounting, and client as well as staff management.

Easy & Hassle free

Simplified Calendar

Manage your calendar along with your shifts with a simplified process. With the mobile care worker app, you can avoid shift conflicts by simply tracking your integrated calendar. Select your clients state-wise as per your availability.

Centralized Data

Deliver Best Care

Book and confirm shifts without back–and–forth communication. Manage shifts with an integrated calendar and complete client details using NDIS rostering software. Centralized data and communication provide easy accessibility for mobile support workers and schedulers.

High-standard Care

Care Services

Get complete details of clients’ likes, dislikes, medical history, disability, types of services they require, and much more to offer high-standard care services. Get access to the history of the type of service clients have procured to deliver a higher standard of care.

No More Double-shifts

Shift Management

Track the status of the shifts whether assigned, active, or canceled. Notify automatically to the remote support providers or in-house members of the shift requirement raised by the client. Avoid double-shift assignments or missed shifts with accurate NDIS rostering software.

Stress-free Administration

Team Management

The best mobile care worker app to reference client details, make updates, report the current status of tasks, and manage shifts of the care providers. Have accurate communication, track the progress of the task, and shift details for better service and team management.

Control Budget & Expenses

Easy Billing
and Accounting

Manage the expenses and billing effortlessly and autonomously with the NDIS app in compliance with the payroll group, NDIS regulation, and allocation of the budget. Have instant details of the remaining budget, expenses, and the number of services you have delivered for invoicing.

Data-Driven Care

Track and Record

From task allocation to completion, have the complete track and record related to the allocated tasks. Add remarks, and notes and analyze past appointment details of the client for seamless services using online rostering software.

Personalized Care Services

Care Plan

Manage and track care plans easily without any effort with the mobile care worker app. Care plan management provides information about the total allocated budget, the amount remaining, budget expiry date, care plan type, and NDIS info.

Enhance Productivity

Handy Analytics
and Reports

Keep and track the record of care providers and clients with the number of shifts allocated, and registered clients. Analyze the efficiency of your workforce by tracking the number of hours and shifts completed by the care workers.

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Higher Standard of Care and Manage Your Team Effortlessly?